Welcome to Ish Entertainment World. We are committed to present some of the best Bollywood talent to you. Along with carefully selected artists, we also have invested in state of the art sound, lighting and laser systems to make every event unique. Major part of the profit from such events are then used to support various local and Oversea charities. Check our website regularly for our featured and upcoming events. Subscribe to our newsletter for all updates, photos and videos. Book Now



Few passionate music lovers joined together one day to discuss how to bring some different types of Bollywood entertainment. Discussion included different types and upcoming new and talented artists, their portfolios, new types of fusion music and new types of show presentation ideas. Trip to India was arranged right away with specific goals, to search and meet various artists from different regions. Various shows were attended and carefully evaluated for quality, uniqueness and originality. Contracts were signed and event planning dates were scheduled. Ish Creations is committed to bring best of Bollywood entertainment with sincerity and commitment. We are confident that our shows will bring you one of the best Bollywood shows you have ever seen. Book Now


  • Jolly Mukherjee

    King of Strings



    Manisha Jambotkar

  • Priyanka Mitra


    Shrikant Narayana


    Rajkumar Sodha

    Lead Musician

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